Dr. Marten's used my photo and got 20000+ IG likes without crediting me!

I'm not even mad. We took these photos knowing they were going to go into our portfolios. The fact that they used them is good enough in my books. 

It was so cold that after we were done we burned out props for warmth. Definitely one of those "is this really happening?" moments. Loved every minute of it. 

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Clearly, the concept behind these photos (below) is conformity and fitting in. I'm just going to be real with all of this but I find that even though everyone is different there are still so many ideas or paradigms that we share. Personally, the biggest thing I'm struggling with is the idea that we have to live life safely. To me, that means going to school for something that makes money instead of pursuing something I'm truly passionate about. As crazy as it sounds I'm one of those people that wants to make their part time hustle their full time job. I don't understand why our thoughts and our society or culture holds us back from pursuing a life we want. This comes from a place of being around so many people that are doing things day in and day out, not because they enjoy it but because they have to. I mean sure you have to do things to get by because your passion isn't enough to support you (it isn't for me right now either) but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try? Maybe I'm just an idealist? I believe that you deserve a life of happiness. Recognition. Acceptance. Passion. Gratitude. Those are things I feel when I do what I enjoy. If you're good enough it'll eventually include money. It's so tough. There's no cookie cutter way to the life you want. It's smart to do what keeps you safe but some of the most successful people didn't do what was safe. To stand out you need to do what other people aren't doing so why think like everyone else? 

For me, I'm stuck right now. I have to do something that will support me even though I don't enjoy it. I think the best thing I could tell myself is to just do my best in everything that's going on. Keep your options open. It'll take longer but eventually things will happen and you'll get to where you want to be.

Here's the awesome team that took these photos with me:

Stylists: http://www.stellaandvik.com/
Models: Kevin Crane & Maria V.
Photo Assistant: Daniel Dortas 

We took these photos in a crazy location and it was super cold. At one point we were walking over ice that covered a deep flow of water and we didn't know if it was strong enough to support us. Looking back that was a really bad idea lol. One of us could have fallen in but at the time that wasn't really a concern. At least for me, it wasn't. The passion and wanting to get the pictures took over and that's all I was thinking about. Here's to more bad ideas and awesome photos!