Please forgive any typos, unnecessary words or grammar issues. This is a coffee inspired explosion of words made by someone who has never been good at it normal words.

This year is my final year a in 4 year degree program where I’ve been working towards a Bachelors in Applied Photography. There’s 4 more months until I’ll be done and today it just hit me.

I don’t want to be a photographer.

Let’s backtrack. Out of high school I really liked taking pictures but couldn’t imagine a career in it so instead I wanted to be an architect. The idea of making spaces and buildings that people interacted with was really interesting to me. I didn’t know how to draw so that didn’t work out. Then I went into school for Civil Engineering. To me, that was the chance to make roads and buildings that would improve people’s lives. Find out how to make things better and more efficient. I hated math and had a terrible time with that so that didn’t work out either. Then I went to trade school for Electrical Engineering because I figured it was a good job that would help fund making pictures, which was what I really wanted to do since high school. I finished that program and went into a photographer program right away. Now here I am. Changing my mind again?

A little bit. This process of discovering myself as a photographer has made me realize that there is so much more to the world than JUST making images. My reason why I chose to do everything I did was because it was a opportunity for me to have an impact on people’s lives in some way. If I can do that in any visual way I’d be happy. At the moment I don’t know what that will be but I will continue to get better as a photographer. All I’m trying to say is I envision some sort of evolution in my future where photography isn’t the only thing I do. I might use what I’ve learned from photography to do the things I do but it wouldn’t just be making images. The things I make might take on a different medium.

Take aways:

  • trust the process

  • trust yourself