Darcy D.


Hello! It's been a little while since I've written a post. Truth is I wrote a really long and personal post on my phone but I didn't save it properly and it was all deleted. Life, am I right? 

Here are photos from my shoot with model/actor Darcy D. Everything about this shoot went really well. The last shot where Darcy is shirtless was a little bit of a challenge to get because I was racing the sun as it was setting but I think it worked out pretty well. I'm really happy with what we got and I think that in terms of photography in general I'm beginning to develop a style and aesthetic of my own. Looking through my work now it feels all over the place but that'll slowly change. Hopefully in the next coming weeks and months you'll be able to see series of photos that flow together starting to form and not just one off pictures that stand on their own. 

My friend, Anna (from thereshegoes on youtube) helped assist me. We went to the location a couple hours early and walked around. We found ourselves under bridge that the go train passes over. The girders were so low that we were able to climb up and walk on them. Pretty scary. I'm not incredibly afraid of heights but that was scary just because there's nothing preventing you from falling. It was especially frightening when the train passed over the bridge. I felt my knees starting to give way because of the fear lol I even tried going yoga breathing just to calm myself. When I was up there it was like I was living a moment from an old movie. I live for that stuff. That experience was cut short because the police came to kick out these kids climbing on the other side of the bridge and we took that as a sign to run away.