2014 Recap - New Year New Me

Hello beautiful people! It's been a while but I wanted to take some time to really reflect on the past year and think about how to make this new year the best one yet. This year was great! In terms of photography, I met and worked with really talented people. Most of my portrait portfolio pieces are from shoots done in 2014 which is awesome! School was pretty good too. I managed to get a higher average than I was expecting and managed to reignite my desire to put effort into my studies. (If you know me, you know I used to barely try in school. I'm in Electrical Engineering at Humber if you didn't know already) So two of the biggest things in my life are going pretty well and I'm thankful for that. 

To reflect on the year I asked myself three things:

  1. Did I do everything I set out to do at the beginning of the year? 
  2. How can I improve and add to my list for this year?
  3. (The most important one) What have you succeed at? (the little things especially)

If you haven't already thought about any of these I strongly suggest that you WRITE THEM DOWN! Writing them down makes it real and will help you focus. I was never really one for new years resolutions but I they've been incredibly helpful. 

I'm going to share my "new years resolutions" with you. 

  • Run a half marathon and be more healthy. Two years ago I used to run. A LOT. I used to run for hours. I ran because I needed a way to clear my mind and just relax. Since I was running so much I figured I might as well do a half marathon but eventually those problems went away and I had no use for running anymore. I've been focusing more on body building lately (which has worked) but now I want to do complete the race for myself. To do something I said I would do but haven't finished. 
  • New hobby. Calligraphy! I think that's what it's called or maybe typography. Regardless, I just bought a brush pen and used it to make the "New Year New Me" picture! Now don't expect me to be making pretty cursive letters. You should know I have terrible, doctor writing. I've heard that an artist should do art that represents them and not a style of anything they've seen so I'm using it as a way to express myself and hopefully that will flow into my photography work too.
  • I have two photo projects that I want to do every month. One is to add to the portfolio but do more creative things. You know, a model standing in front of the camera is all good but there isn't any substance. When people see my work I want them to feel something. I want to inspire emotions and tell stories. The second project is to eat more food and take pictures of myself doing it! I've been thinking I should start a food blog that incorporates my interest in food and photography. I'm super excited to do that and share it with everyone!
  • Be more wise with moneyyyyyy!!!!!!! I can't be the only one that's thought "Man if only I didn't spend that $5 2 weeks ago". I spend a lot of money on food at school. The laziness and unwillingness to get up early has been killing my wallet but no longer! (hopefully)
  • Read more. I hate reading but smart and successful people read and if I want to be like them I should read too! Right?! Well I also want to become a better writer and see how other people tell stories in hopes of improving my story telling abilities. If I'm going to have a food blog I better be able to write!
  • Stay neat and organized. For the longest time my room has been a DISASTER. I was turning into a hoarder like on TV. I straightened everything out (desk, school supplies, clothes) and got all my gear in order so now I just have to maintain it. I've put so much work into it that when things get messy I feel to urger that I just HAVE to clean up now. 
  • Network. I've realized recently that networking is the one of the major keys to success. I'll save that for another blog but basically the say "it's about who you know, not what you know" may not be 100% true in all cases but it never hurt to know a lot and also know a lot of people.
  • Make time to for myself to relax and recharge. This year I went crazy with doing a lot of different things. My mind was all over the place and it was hard to manage. I now realized that you need to make time for yourself. A good friend said something along the lines of "you want to do all these great things but in order to do them you need to make sure that you're okay". That couldn't be more true. You work to live. You don't live to work. 

That's all for now folks! Hopefully you've gained something and maybe even got some inspiration for your new years resolutions. I'd love to read what you're resolutions are (comment below)! 

Make 2015 your BITCH!