BTS Photos / Doing what you love.

I love seeing photos of the work in progress. I asked myself why I like them so much (I reflect a lot) and I think it's because they remind me of where I started. I used to use plants as my models to test different types of lighting. My first "studio background" was a white cloth I bought at Fabricland and hung up using a PVC rod I made that attached to my tripod (Right). I would DIY so many things because I couldn't afford them and didn't know how to use them. I was so proud of my gear at the time that I posted a picture of it (Right). That's only one light stand, tripod and my DIY PVC things that I built. Now I literally have like 7 light stands and no need for that PVC mess because I have the real thing. 

I still say that if you told me I would have all of these things or be doing all of the things I do now I wouldn't believe you. It's kind of like I'm living a dream. I'm really happy I'm able to even say that. Maybe that's what happens when you do something you love.

These behind the scenes photos are from a shoot with clothing designer Richard Le. More photos will be up soon. The photos below are from Richard (@richardbyrichardle) and Veronica (veroni_cuh), one of the models.