Thoughts - Humber 2014 Frosh Events

Spoiler Alert - SO MUCH FUN!

Hello beautiful people. I'm in a good mood. Why you ask? Shooting the Frosh events at Humber was incredible and I'm so happy with how my shots turned out. Can't wait to do more stuff like this in the future. I'm gonna be showing some pictures and talking about my thought process so keep scrolling. 

The first night was ElectriCity. It was basically an EDM concert like Veld. Here are some photos:

This was the first night of Frosh events. The goal for these photos were to get everybody excited about Frosh and wanting to buy tickets to go to the rest of the events. With that in mind, I wanted viewers to think that it was an fun, epic event with a lot of people. To do this I focused on getting shots of the crowd and used wide angles to play some camera trickery. The lights were changing constantly so it was a real tedious process to get something good. My approach was to wait for a good light that illuminated the crowd nicely, hold the camera up and hope for the best. 

All of my photos from the night can be found here

Next was the 5th Annual Paint Party:

Photo of me early in the night. Check out that "protective camera gear". 

The focus was on getting action shots of people having fun with the paint. Paint being thrown, paint hitting someone's face, paint in the air. Those were some of the things on my checklist of what to get for the night. I made a point to get right into the thick of it all too. At an event like that I believe you need to earn good photos and the only way to do that is by getting dirty. It helps you gain respect from the crowd. They'd much rather smile and scream for a photographer that's having fun and is just as dirty as they are. It puts you on the same level and makes you a human being. At the end of the day pictures are all about people and as a photographer I feel you need to connect with the people in front of the camera, even if it's in a small way. The photos turn out better. The way I protected my camera and flash is kind of funny, I think. I used two Zip Lock bags and some tape to cover the gear. One for the flash, one for the camera and lens. Couple thousand dollars of gear being protected by two zip lock bags... No worries. 

 At fast paced events like these, awesome photo moments are very easy to miss. The trick to capturing these moments is to constantly observe your surroundings and to try and put yourself in a position where you can get a good photo. This applies to all other events too. People love candid moments. I found a lot of the time if I saw something interesting happening I'd sprint to a good spot to capture it. I'm sure the security guard watching the entrance to the stage can back me up on that. Constantly moving and constantly observing. It may be tiring but that's all part of the game. 

All of the Paint Party photos can be found here.

Thanks for being amazing Humber. If you see yourself here feel free to use the photos however you'd like. Be sure to tag me so I can see!