Retiring one of my favourite photos

I'm pretty sure this was one of my first ever photo shoots. It was crazy how we got this shot. The location was so sketchy but I'm glad they were down to join me. We drove to somewhere in Caledon and stopped at a silo. It was a good 150m away from the main road. I'm pretty sure someone owned the property and we were probably not supposed to be there. At first, I thought we were just going to take pictures outside until we got closer and I realized there was an entrance. It looked incredible! I was so excited. When I get excited on shoots I yell "whaaaaat" or a new word "doooooope". With the fear of getting some weird farm disease and falling through the dirty floor in the back of our minds we still managed to get some awesome shots. So glad I was able to shoot something like this and I'm grateful to have been with such cool people that day. 

Why am I retiring it? What does that even mean? Well this photo no longer represents my style and what I like to shoot. Even though I love it, I need all the pieces of my portfolio to work together and at this point it's too out of place. My style before was very sharp and grungy and I feel it has transformed to simple and natural. I guess that goes with how I was emotionally at those times. I'm a lot happier now. Do what you love. You'll be happier that way.