Daryn Does Humber

I've recently had the amazing opportunity of receiving the Photographer position for The Humber Students' Federation. My first assignment was to photograph a frosh event where Daryn Jones (from MTV Live, a.k.a. one of my favourite shows) hosted a show with former co-hosts Sheena Snively and Nicole Holness. Along with DJ Dopey, Cabbie from Cabbie on the Street, Colin Response and comedians Keith Pedro and Arthur Simeon. 

I watched MTV Live A LOT and went to the actual taping of the shows a bunch of times so I really enjoyed seeing them perform again. They've done events at Humber before but I never had the chance to go because I always had to work at my past job. 

I'm really excited to shoot more stuff for Humber. I'll be at the frosh events on September 4th-6th!

GALLERY TO THE PHOTOS CAN BE FOUND ON MY FACBEOOK PAGE! Like the page and tag your friends (Humber North and Lakeshore Campuses).