New York Adventures and First Wedding

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this post. Hopefully you had a great long weekend! At the time I'm writing this it's currently the long weekend and I'm about to leave to celebrate a friend's birthday. #BBQturnup 

If you follow me on social media (links are on the right if you don't!) you'll know that I was in New York a few days ago. I was there for less than a week for family and I guess you can say "business". I shot a wedding! My first weeding, actually. Spoiler alert! It went really well. I'm going to write a little more about New York before getting into the wedding stuff. 

Let me start this off by saying I've been to Manhattan a few years ago and I was so impressed by that experience that it turned out to be one of my favourite cities in the world. (Nothing beats Toronto though). Our hotel was pretty much in the heart of Times Square. "Crowne Plaza" to be exact. Right beside the world's biggest Hersey store which definitely wasn't good. Let's just say binging was definitely not a good idea. 

Our first day was jam packed. Arrived at the airport (I think it was Laguardia) and took what felt like a 45 minute cab to the city. The cab ride was a eye opening experience. It's been a while since I've been to New York but it made me realized how crazy it is to drive there. Pretty much like driving downtown Toronto but people are a lot faster and aggressive. It was hard for me to imagine driving my manual transmission Kia Forte there. So we get to the hotel, go to a local deli to get some breakfast and then go see the play Wicked! That was AMAZING! If you don't know what Wicked is, it's a theatre play based around the Witch from Wizard of Oz. It was amazing! Did I mention it was amazing? The singing was amazing. I was blown away by how they can create so many different worlds on the stage just by using props, lights and music. The amount of creativity these people have is astounding. I definitely think plays and theatre and overlooked in todays society and in my generation. It's a shame! I want to watch more plays! Come with me!  After the play we go to this restaurant in Brooklyn called Ninja. THAT was cool too! I used to work at a restaurant in downtown Toronto so I'm always interested in unique food spots. The restaurant is made to look like a secret Ninja village. The servers jump out at you at unsuspecting times and they're all dressed up as ninjas! Really gimmic-y but it was nice! The food was alright too. I wasn't blown away. My favourite dish was a beef with mashed potatoes dish... the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine. 

The next day we went to the Statue of Liberty. MURICA! We went all the way to the top! It was really cool seeing how they made it. They basically made a small version and scaled it up again and again until it got to the size you see today. The whole thing is a wire frame with sheets of... I think copper on the outside. Really cool! (A lot of you might not know this but in high school I wanted to be an architect so I'm really intrigued by structures) 

After that was the wedding. Ohhhh man here we go! The wedding was amazing. For my first wedding I can honestly say I was super impressed with myself. Looking through the pictures I can confidently tell you that I captured great photos and that I can handle a wedding by myself. I'm incredibly picky and hard to impress so that's great coming from me. The wedding was for my cousins Ken and Karmela and I really couldn't thank them enough for giving me the opportunity. Yeah I'm family but weddings only happen once and I'm glad they had faith and trusted me. If you're reading this, thank you guys! Everything went so well! Click this text to see the photos for yourself. 

The whole trip was just amazing and I had a blast. Hopefully life or work brings me back soon. #billboardintimessquare 

My work will be up there one day.