How do you want to be perceived?

Do you value yourself and what you do? You're currently doing yourself a great disservice and losing potential clients. With the way social media is going, visuals are becoming more and more important. It all starts with the way you look.

It pains me to see people with businesses hiring someone with a "pretty big camera" or has "a friend that can do it". Would you go to the doctor that has been performing successful surgeries for years or Joe, who has a set of knives in the kitchen. Photography isn't about just simply pointing a camera and pressing the button. Just like how surgery isn't just about opening someone up. Don't take my word for it. Look at the photo to the right. Who do you think is a better model? She's obviously the same person. Hair and make up are done in both photos. She's beautiful but one photo shows it better than the other. 

To me, the company that gets my attention first usually gets my money. You believe people should buy your service or product. Show them they should with your visuals. Check out below what I did for Lamesa Filipino Kitchen. I also did their website.