Counting Calories - Not Photography Related At All

Since not everyone knows, I've been working on myself and exercising for almost a year now. Let's be honest, I want to look good. At my skinniest I was 5'4", 120lbs and now I'm 150ish lbs. I done made me some gains. I also don't drink any protein shakes or do roids or anything like that. Obviously not all of that weight is muscle but I feel pretty lean. My plan is to try and drop 10lbs before summer is over. How am I going to do that? Counting calories man. 

Disclaimer: I'm no expert. I study electrical engineering in school and do photography. This is what I'm doing for myself, using resources I've found on the internet which I'll highlight later. I'm also human. I might not be doing this correctly and if I am by all means leave a comment. 

"Counting calories" has a bad ring to it. I thought so at first too. It might sound like you have to go on some crazy diet and eat a bunch of food that you don't want to eat but here's some of the food I've been eating. 

How can I do that? When you count calories you can EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT as long as you stay within your caloric limit. Don't take in too many calories and you're going to lose weight. That's that. My limit is 1809 calories. I got that number from using an app called My Fitness Pal. Get it on your iPhone or Android. You enter your current weight and goal weight then based on those numbers it generates a calorie number for you. It's not that bad. It is definitely a balancing act though. You have to remember that sometimes you sacrifice taste for a lot of calories. To the right is an example of a day for me. Still have to try and get some nutrients in my body though lol I've always found that difficult since I've never liked healthy food as a child but I'm on my way there. 

Counting calories is just smart way of keeping track of what you're eating. If you go blind and estimate how much you're eating that leaves room for you to make mistakes. You might lose weight but you could be unhealthy because of it. You might even gain weight! 

It's summer! You want to look good. Get that beach bod and join me in living a better life!

If you don't want to take it from me listen to these guys. They're one of the most popular fitness channels on youtube.