Good Morning

Today I woke up pretty early. I looked outside, saw the heavy fog and starting packing to go out and take photos. I didn't have a plan but just knew of a spot that would work with the conditions. Left the house at 7 and got back around 9. It probably goes without saying that these are both self portraits. To get these photos I prefocused on a spot I wanted to be, ran and hoped I got there on time. It got pretty tiring at times.

Sometimes self portraits are necessary because it's not like you can ask anyone to walk in the mud over and over at 7 in the morning. I had a great time doing these and they are the start to a self portrait series I've been wanting to work on for a while. 

Side note: I think the jumping photo would look awesome on a shirt. I'd wear it lol that might be a biased opinion though. 


Still Learning To Fly