Real Talk Hour 3 - You're Only Human

As I learn more about the industry I come across other people that are making it. They do good work and are getting the recognition they deserve and that's great! But for some reason my first thought is to copy them. Why? Is it because I'm so anxious to be successful? Maybe to finally get the acceptance and recognition I want? 

Recently my mindset has shifted. I could be one of those photographers that just pictures of pretty girls or I can be myself. I want to be different. In a world where we're all connected there are a lot of people doing the same stuff differently. Why can't we just do different things? My life hasn't been be like anyone else's. How I grew up, my family, friends, experiences and all of that is unique to me. There needs to be a way to mash all those things together and create.

Sometimes you just need to stop and breathe. You're only human. You may think you're indestructible but you're not. Be patient. You'll probably fall down a lot and that's just part of it.