Model: Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams and I recently got together again to capture photos that were a little different than the shoot we first did. Here are some images from that shoot:

Brandon actually approached me with the concept for this new photo shoot. He said he wanted to do something in a dark, run down location. He also wanted to wear a suit that would help create more emphasis on him with the contrast of sophisticated to dirty. I loved the idea so we got to it right away. From exploring with some friends I met from long boarding, I knew the perfect location. 

The difference between this shoot and the others, and the reason why I'm so proud of this shoot, is because we worked together to create some sort of story. My previous work has just been people standing in front of a camera and while there's nothing wrong with that I want to do more with my work. If you have a story I could help tell connect with me! 

Brandon was awesome in this shoot. He braved the cold while we set up, was really easy to work with and was able to give me good poses quickly. Here are ways to connect with Brandon:

Instagram / Twitter : @brandonrwill