How to step up your Social Media GAME, son!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion with some amazing people that work in social media marketing. They work with some huge companies like Yahoo, Virgin Mobile, MasterCard and Wonderland to name a few. They gave us a bunch of tips on how to utilize social media in more effective ways for business. Thanks to HumberLaunch for hosting such an awesome event! Below are the things I wrote down. Hopefully they help! Let me know how it goes (@cbagol - Twitter)

  • You need to engage the people that engage with you. Show them that you appreciate them for viewing and interacting with your posts. 
  • Don't just yell and hope people will listen. People will listen and appreciate it more when you talk with them one on one.
  • See what your competitors are doing and be different from them. You'll get noticed more often.
  • Be a business or be a human? You need to find a balance that makes sense for your brand. Some businesses require less of a personality. Some do. 
  • Post things that are relevant to customers but matter to you, as well. Don't just post things just for the sake of posting. 
  • Quality >>>> quantity/frequency
  • Ask yourself who are you trying to reach out to and what is the best way to do it?
  • You need to invest in social media. Monetary wise or with time. 
  • If you have a $0 budget for social media play to your strengths and cross promote with other brands. 
  • Engage and show your appreciation for people that are passionate about the brand. They can be turned into brand ambassadors. 
  • Find what makes you different and take advantage of it.
  • You don't have to use all the different types of social. Do what works best for you. Stick it a few and do them well. 
  • Tailor the things you post to social media to each platform. Each platform can be used to target a different demographic. 
  • Have a solid personal brand and build a good following for yourself. You can use it to leverage yourself over others. 
  • Marketing yourself serves your personal brand. 
  • Be specific when you reach out to other people to connect. Why are you talking to them? What's your purpose?
  • Facebook ads are super important.  Using Twitter is super important.

Here are the people that were speaking:

  •       Edwin Frondozo- Marketing & Business Development for Slingshot, @drgnmeme
  •       Shannon Hunter, Social Media Manager for Virgin Mobile Canada, @shananigans
  •       Alanna Glicksman- Digital Marketing and Community Manager at MasterCard Canada, @aglicksman
  •       Shannon Kelly- Manager of Public Relations and Special Events at Canada's Wonderland , @shankell
  •       Lindsay Lynch- Entertainment and Lifestyle for Yahoo Canada, @lindsaylynch
  •       Melissa Feeney- Social Media Manager for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), @melissafeeney
  •        Sophie McNabb- Social Media Strategist, @sophiemara88